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2000 Model Ocean Catamaran 49

SOLD - 05/05/2011 !


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Millennium Dragon was on the hard at Gulf Marine Ways in Ft Myers Florida from March 29, 2010 through April 12, 2010. The Dragon was under the big red “A” in the picture to the right. She was hauled for maintenance and repairs. The bottom was cleaned and two coats of anti fouling paint applied with a third coat at the waterline. New Saildrive prop shaft seals were installed followed by a fill of synthetic transmission oil. Additional mechanical work and gelcoat repairs rounded the yard bill to approximately $12,000.00.


Placeholder  ImageSo... you’re ready to live your dream.  You probably have realized that we are all here for a very short time and do not want to continue in the same old rut until the end.  You know that resins are made from oil and the energy needed to make glass fiber is produced burning oil.  The cost of your dream is raising rapidly and may soon be out of reach.  Maybe you have had a good glimpse of the light (or dark) at the end of the tunnel and don’t want to take the time or have the time to wait the 2 to 3 years for construction of a large catamaran.  You may not want to risk loosing your down payment if your manufacturer goes belly up in these tough economic times.  Maybe you are a baby boomer ready to cash out, reallocate some assets and sail off into the sunset in style.  Maybe you want a proper yacht to sail around the world.  Maybe you want to sail across the Atlantic and cruise the Mediterranean for a couple of years.  Maybe you want to make the great circle around the Caribbean or just want to see the Bahamas.  The federal government will probably be opening up Cuba soon and you may want to cruise that island for a year.  Maybe you see the H1N1 Flu or a stock market crash coming (OOPS, too late) and want to be totally self sufficient anchored off some unpolluted island until the panic and pandemic ends.  Maybe you want to stay above the waters as global warming raises the ocean levels.

What ever your reasons you have found this site. Unfortunately, you are too late. The Dragon was sold on Cinco de Mayo.

You may still have the dream. If so, this site is dedicated to providing you with more information than you ever wanted to know about Millennium Dragon, the custom built 49 foot catamaran I had built in 1998-1999.  I am now able to reallocate some assets (I want to get started building a multihull motor sailor).  If you were not ready to invest in the Dragon and missed this opportunity, hopefully this site will provide you with some inspiration regarding construction, layout, mechanical & electrical systems, and electronics that you may find useful when you do decide to wander.

Millennium Dragon is a 2000 model Ocean Catamaran 49 built in South Carolina during 1998/1999 by Ocean Catamarans, Inc. by Karen and Henry Lucke. The Dragon was launched for the celebration of the new millennium.  She is a completely custom owner’s version sailed by my wife Kathy and I since January 2000. We lived aboard until we moved into our present home in Punta Gorda in January of 2003.  during that time we spent two Winters in the Bahamas.  The Dragon has seen little use since then.

Millennium Dragon is powered by twin VolvoPenta 59 HP diesels with saildrives and three bladed folding propellers this vessel will do over 9 Knots motoring. To save fuel we have generally motored using one engine, alternating sides, at 7.4 Knots.  We sail her steadily between 14 and 15 Knots with a 15 to 18 Knot wind on the beam.  

Maximum speed under sail so far is 17.9 Knots.  This occurred on a pleasant sunny day on Charlotte Harbor while sailing south between Punta Gorda and Burnt Store Marina.  There was no sea running as an 18 Knot easterly wind was blowing off the shore. This was not a short burst surfing down a large off shore wave.  I caught a good puff and fell off as speed increased and the apparent wind moved forward.  The spray off the bows sent our 10 guests scurrying off the foredeck.  I fell off the wind slightly further to decrease the pressure and we slowed to a more comfortable 12 to 15 Knots.  This boat sails very well and very fast.


She is rigged for single handing. The Dragon is a documented vessel with no loans or other encumbrances.  Just transfer the money and sail into the sunset. We are selling her so we may move to a large catamaran powerboat.

The Dragon was hauled at Gulf Marine Ways on March 9, 2007 for routine 7 year engine maintenance (new rubber diaphragms, shaft output seal), bottom paint and some fiberglass/gel coat repairs.  The yard bill for the engine work and bottom paint was $6,326.13.  My insurance company had requested a marine survey for the renewal.  The insurance survey was completed on March 26, 2007.  The surveyor estimated replacement cost at $589,000.00 and current market value at $408,650.00.  Following submission of this survey my insurance company renewed my policy. The Dragon was hauled again from March 29 to April 12, 2010 for another insurance survey, bottom paint, saildrive prop shaft seals, etc. The surveyor contacted Island Catamarans (builders of Ocean Catamarans) for an estimate of new replacement cost. Millennium Dragon could duplicated by Island Catamarans for about $775,000.00, up $185,000 from the last survey, three years ago. I believe the cost of resin or new boats will not be going down in the future.

I offered Millennium Dragon for less than half the price of a new vessel of this size. After meeting some good folks and well intentioned but inexperienced fender kickers, I placed the Dragon in brokerage with Denison Marine.  The services of a professional broker do not come cheap but they offer valuable services that protect both the buyer and seller. They advertise internationally, qualify the buyer, assure clear title of the vessel, and protect the transfer of funds using their bonded bank accounts. The asking price determined by Denison Marine was similar to the market values assigned by my insurance surveyors. If you are a qualified buyer consider contacting Nick Dykert at Denison Marine regarding available yachts that meet your needs.

Nick Dykert at Denison Yacht Sales
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